Eight Great Ways to Get the Most from Your Zune

Book description

The Zune is Microsoft's new media player. It does music. It does video. It does pictures.

Are you ready to get the most out of your Zune? Do you know the best methods and secrets for managing your media, loading up your player, and sharing your data with others? Do you know which accessories are vital and which are not? Do you know how to hack your Zune to work around Microsoft's built-in limitations and take your Zune to the next level?

In this quick guide, you'll learn the down and dirty truth about getting the most from your Zune. No holds barred. No stones unturned.

Table of contents

  1. Eight Great Ways to Get the Most from Your Zune
    1. Getting the Most from Your Zune
    2. Using the Zune Player
      1. Meet the Interface
      2. Powering Your Zune On and Off
      3. Navigating the Zune Menus
        1. The twist
      4. Control Music and Video Playback
      5. Build a Quick List
      6. View Your Pictures
      7. Control Your FM Radio
    3. Taking Charge of your Media Library with Zune Software
      1. Getting Zune Software
      2. Meeting Zune Software
      3. Playing and Viewing Stuff
        1. Simple playback
        2. Using "Now Playing"
        3. Enabling the visualizer
        4. Editing track information
      4. Adding Stuff to Your Library
        1. Ripping CDs
      5. Working with Playlists
        1. Editing playlists
        2. Creating "smart" auto playlists
      6. Syncing Your Zune
      7. Burning CDs
      8. Opting Out of Big Brother
    4. Going Shopping
      1. Getting Started with Zune Marketplace
      2. Activating Your Zune Pass
      3. Downloading Tracks
      4. Buying Tracks
      5. Buying Points Online
      6. Buying Stuff with Points
      7. Adding Other Computers to Your Account
        1. Removing computers from your account
      8. Syncing as a Guest
        1. Setting up
        2. Copying items to your Zune
        3. Recovering items from your Zune
        4. Playing back content that originated on your Zune
      9. Incomplete Transactions
    5. Loading Up Your Zune
      1. Audio
        1. Ripping CDs
        2. Converting odd file types to MP3
        3. Podcasts
        4. iPod Music
      2. Video
        1. Supported video sync formats
      3. Images
    6. Sharing Media with Friends
      1. Bringing the Social
      2. Enabling WiFi Sharing
      3. Setting Your Online Status
      4. Sharing Your Media
        1. Receiving media
      5. Social WiFi
    7. Accessorizing Your Zune
      1. Going Shopping
      2. Zune Accessory Cheat Sheet
      3. Psst! You Don't Need the Expensive A/V Cable
    8. Powering Your Zune
      1. Charging Your Battery
      2. Power Sources
      3. Getting the Most from Your Battery
        1. Use your Zune at room temperature.
        2. Just let it play.
        3. Use that Hold button.
        4. Turn down the volume.
        5. Use Window Media Audio at 128 Kbps.
        6. Limit your backlight.
        7. Turn wireless off.
        8. Power down when not in use.
        9. Send your Zune go directly to sleep.
      4. Handling Zunes That Won't Power Down
      5. Dead Zunes
    9. Hacking Your Zune
      1. Mounting Your Zune as an External Drive
      2. Copying Files to and from Your Zune
      3. Sending Files Wirelessly Between Zunes
      4. Sharing a Second Time
    10. About the Author

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  • Title: Eight Great Ways to Get the Most from Your Zune
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: December 2006
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 0596529910