Developing a stateless session bean

In this section, we develop the Banking session bean. The sequence of operations is:

  • Create a project for session EJBs. We could use the same project as for the CMP entity beans, but using a separate project makes it easier to navigate the code in Application Developer.
  • Create the session bean using the EJB wizard.
  • Define EJB references to access the CMP entity beans.
  • Implement the business logic.

Creating an EJB project for the session bean

We add the session bean to a new EJB module named ItsoBank5SessionEJB. To create the EJB module and link it to the existing ItsoBank5EAR enterprise application, do the following:

  • Select File -> New -> Project -> EJB -> EJB Project. Click Next.
  • Select Create 2.0 EJB Project ...

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