Chapter 2. The Ektron Web Project Methodology

  • What is the difference between Interative/Waterfall and Agile Approaches?

  • What are the phases of the Implementation Process?

  • What are the steps of the Discovery Phase and how are they important to your project's success?

  • How do you successfully implement against your specifications and migrate content?

  • How do you effectively test the deliverables?

This chapter begins by asking a fundamental question: Why do so many website projects fail? Projects fail for any number of reasons, but most commonly, they fail because they didn't follow a standardized methodology. A Web development methodology is the system used to control the process of developing a website. Following a process ensures that the result of your project aligns to the needs of the business, that it addresses all of the components of the site's user experience and that it is a technically solid solution, able to scale and perform in a way that supports your organization's objectives.

This chapter is intended for use by project managers and technical developers who are charged with the responsibility of ensuring that their website development project is a success. It is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to project management. It introduces the Ektron methodology and provides advice and recommendations that help ensure you involve the right people in your website-development project, that they have an understanding of what exactly has to be built, and that you have a solid plan ...

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