Chapter 9. Generating Leads through Campaign Optimization

  • How do you create reusable PageBuilder Wireframes?

  • How do you encapsulate functionality into PageBuilder Widgets?

  • How do you optimize performance with Multivariate Testing and Web Analytics?

  • What are collections and HTML Forms?

One of the primary purposes of websites is to support an organization's online marketing initiatives with SEO, branding, advertising, and lead generation. In many organizations, website modifications need to occur rapidly to respond to sales and marketing efforts. Unfortunately, these requests often overwhelm IT and development teams and create a backlog of work, interrupting development schedules and affecting production deadlines. To add insult to injury, there is often little understanding of how these online efforts are performing until there's a noticeable decline in leads (number of demo requests, downloads, search referrals, and so on). Improving the performance of such campaigns only adds more high-priority crisis-mode work to the IT and development backlogs.

The Ektron Framework provides developers with a set of tools that can improve an organization's overall efficiency by streamlining processes and removing the bottlenecks that commonly exist between marketers and Web developers. The Ektron PageBuilder helps you create reusable templates called PageBuilder Wireframes; with PageBuilder Widgets marketers can quickly assemble and launch campaign landing pages, micro-sites, or marketing forms without ...

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