Chapter 12. Creating the Catalog of Products for the eCommerce Storefront

  • How do you configure product, payment, and shipping for eCommerce?

  • How do you create catalogs and products for a storefront?

  • How do you enable marketing incentives using coupons?

  • What's the best way to work with product reports and order management?

The eCommerce feature of Ektron is one of the largest new features in the product. It supports the entire lifecycle of commerce transactions, with a rich suite of features to enable complex processes. In this chapter and the next, you will be working through the process of implementing the eCommerce feature on the OnTrek website. In this chapter, you approach things from the Workarea side, so it's more about configuring your site to enable eCommerce, and then creating the catalog of products. You will also work with reports, and move products through the fulfillment process. The next chapter approaches the subject from a more technical viewpoint, covering how to implement the server controls necessary to create a seamless shopping experience for site visitors.

In this chapter, you spend your time configuring the basic options of eCommerce, including tax structures and shipping options. You'll work with currencies and payment options and learn about notifications. You will go through the process of creating product types and learn about the various capabilities of each class of product type. You'll create a catalog in parallel with the existing catalogs on the OnTrek ...

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