Chapter 14. Deploying Your Website

  • How do you meet the pre-conditions for a successful deployment?

  • What are the different deployment scenarios?

  • What are the final stages of deployment?

It's late at night. Project managers, developers, and QA engineers are pacing around in nervous anticipation with little to do besides hover and wait. There's a feeling of excitement tinged with anxiety. In the end, it boils down to a few final clicks of a mouse and the words "it's live" and everyone holds their breath to see what happens next...

Does the website launch succeed? Does it fail? Success and failure are usually determined by one factor—preparation. What sort of preparation was done leading up to the launch? Oftentimes the answer is, unfortunately, very little. Too frequently engineers, managers, and operations folk pour blood, sweat, and tears into the development and testing of a website only to have it fall apart during the "final push" into the production environment. If you've been involved with any number of Web deployments, it's a safe bet to say you've experienced this at some level at some point in time.

A number of the problems that are commonly experienced during Web deployments stem from the misconception that there is a single "silver bullet" deployment configuration applicable to most every organization, and even worse, that this "silver bullet" configuration can be deployed, at the push of a button, at the bottom of the ninth inning. To understand why there is no single applicable ...

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