Chapter 16. Next Steps

  • What have you learned thus far?

  • Why should you engage with the Ektron developer community?

  • What Professional Services does Ektron offer?

  • What online resource does Ektron Offer?

In past chapters, you learned all about Ektron, its Framework, tools, features, and community. This chapter not only reviews what you've learned so far, but also gives you some guidance on what to do with your newly gained knowledge, including a full list of webinars available to you.


In the first three chapters, you gained a high-level understanding of the Ektron Framework, its architecture, and major components; you learned about the services and solutions offered by Ektron's professional services division; and you were introduced to the Web project methodology followed by Ektron's own Best Practice and Professional Services teams.

In the 10 chapters that followed, you learned how to set up an Ektron development environment and build a complete website using the Ektron Framework. Each chapter focused on a specific area of the OnTrek website and walked through the process of understanding its implementation by focusing on the key concepts of the technology used, a review of the implementation, and a look "Under the Hood" to gain a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the particular technology.

In the final two chapters, you read about the deployment process, including considerations for designing your deployment architecture, pre-conditions for deployment, ...

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