Chapter 4. Basic Operations

In this chapter, we will cover the following recipes:

  • Creating an index
  • Deleting an index
  • Opening/closing an index
  • Putting a mapping in an index
  • Getting a mapping
  • Reindexing an index
  • Refreshing an index
  • Flushing an index
  • ForceMerge an index
  • Shrinking an index
  • Checking if an index or type exists
  • Managing index settings
  • Using index aliases
  • Rollover an index
  • Indexing a document
  • Getting a document
  • Deleting a document
  • Updating a document
  • Speeding up atomic operations (bulk operations)
  • Speeding up GET operations (multi GET)


Before starting with indexing and searching in Elasticsearch, we need to cover how to manage indices and perform operations on documents. In this chapter, we'll start discussing different operations on indices ...

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