One of the most important issues when configuring an index is that the document field must be configured with the appropriate data type. The type mapping allows us to control the data type of each field in a document. Now let's examine some types of other than the core types.

Object type

A JSON document can contain inner objects. When such a document is sent, Elasticsearch completely understands the nature of those inner objects and makes them searchable, for example, as follows:

curl -XPOST localhost:9200/my_index/department -d '{ "computing": { "person": { "name": { "firstname": "Martin", "lastname": "Fowler" } } } }' {"_index":"my_index","_type":"department","_id":"AU84K4PGEOfq-PnkfR_e","_version":1,"created":true} curl -XGET localhost:9200/my_index/department/_search?pretty ...

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