Chapter 19

Reactive Power Compensation

19.1 Need for Reactive Power Compensation 19-1

Shunt Reactive Power Compensation • Shunt Capacitors

19.2 Application of Shunt Capacitor Banks in Distribution Systems: A Utility Perspective 19-2

19.3 Static VAR Control 19-4

Description of SVC • How Does SVC Work?

19.4 Series Compensation 19-6

19.5 Series Capacitor Bank 19-7

Description of Main Components • Subsynchronous Resonance • Adjustable Series Compensation • Thyristor-Controlled Series Compensation

19.6 Voltage Source Converter–Based Topologies 19-11

Basic Structure of a Synchronous Voltage Source • Operation of Synchronous Voltage Sources • Static Compensator • Static Series Synchronous Compensator • Unified Power Flow Controller

19.7 Defining Terms ...

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