Chapter 31

Metering of Electric Power and Energy

31.1 The Electromechanical Meter 31-1

Single Stator Electromechanical Meter

31.2 Blondel’s Theorem 31-2

31.3 The Electronic Meter 31-3

Multifunction Meter • Voltage Ranging and Multiform Meter • Site Diagnostic Meter

31.4 Special Metering 31-5

Demand Metering • Time of Use Metering • Interval Data Metering • Pulse Metering • Totalized Metering

31.5 Instrument Transformers 31-10

Measuring kVA

31.6 Defining Terms 31-11

Further Information 31-12

John V. Grubbs

Alabama Power Company

Electrical metering deals with two basic quantities: energy and power. Energy is equivalent to work. Power is the rate of doing work. Power applied (or consumed) for any length of time is energy. In mathematical terms, ...

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