Chapter 1

Identification of Induction Motor in Sinusoidal Mode 1

1.1. Introduction

Models generally used in electrical engineering are obtained from the laws of physics and are based on the knowledge of a certain number of parameters, they are called parametric models. As with the model structure, knowledge of parameters can also be obtained from laws of physics, if modeling is pushed far enough. Nevertheless, this approach has a few drawbacks: calculations are often fastidious; parameters depend on geometry and the materials used, which may not be well known. In addition, some parameters may vary during the life of a system and this is difficult to model by applying the laws of physics.

Another approach, that is more pragmatic, consists of estimating the numeric values of parameters so that the model has the same behavior as the experimental system. In this chapter, we will focus on the estimation procedures for the induction machine parameters from sinusoidal mode measurements. The methods we will present apply to all types of induction machines and are not based on usual stator measurements and rotation speed. First, we will develop the parametric models liable to use this type of estimation procedure. We will then present the most basic methods based on a limited number of measurements. In order to improve estimation precision, it may be necessary to use a larger number of measurements. We will present two methods with this possibility.

1.2. The models

The sinusoidal mode is ...

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