Accelerated commutation, 28284

AC machines, EMF generated in, 242

Air blast cooling

for high-capacity transformers, 50

and oil-immersed self-cooled transformer, 49

Air gap, 230

All-day efficiency of transformer, 89


equivalent circuit, 433

excitation circle, 47677

infinite bus, 482

input power equation, 45859

reactive power input, 459

real power input, 459

load characteristics, 45455

load distribution, 48889

losses and efficiency, 46869

output power equation

maximum power output, 457

power output equation, 45758

reactive power output, 457

real power output, 45657

parallel operation

conditions, 48384

identical frequency requirement, 484

identical phase sequence, 484

identical voltage requirement, 484

in-phase requirement, ...

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