Shielding of Power Cables

Carl C. Landinger


7.1    General

7.2    Conductor Shielding

7.3    Insulation Shielding for Medium Voltage Cables

7.3.1    Stress Relief Layer

7.3.2    Metallic Shield

7.3.3    Concentric Neutral Cables

7.4    Shielding for Low Voltage Cables

7.4.1    Electric Fields

7.4.2    Magnetic Fields


7.1    GENERAL

Shielding of an electric power cable is accomplished by surrounding the insulation of a single conductor or assembly of insulated conductors with a grounded, conducting medium. This confines the electric field to the inside of this shield. Two distinct types of shields are used: metallic and a combination of nonmetallic and metallic.

The purposes of the insulation shield are to:

1.  Obtain ...

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