15Regulating Diodes and Applications

OBJECTIVES: After studying this chapter, you will be able to

  • Describe what a zener diode is
  • Describe the differences between a regular diode and a zener diode
  • Use a zener diode in a circuit
  • Define how to combine zener diodes and for what purpose
  • Use a zener diode for voltage regulation
  • Recognize a zener diode in a circuit
  • Describe what a diac is and what it is used for
  • Explain the characteristics of a diac
  • Describe the application of a silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR)
  • Define the difference between a diode and a SCR
  • Describe the relationship between diac and triac
  • Recognize the application of a triac
  • Draw circuit diagrams the professional way

New terms: Breakover voltage, diac, silicon-controlled rectifier ...

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