16Diode Rectifiers and Filters

OBJECTIVES: After studying this chapter, you will be able to

  • Describe how AC is converted to DC
  • Explain the quality of direct current as obtained from a rectifier
  • Define ripple and how one can reduce ripples
  • Understand the significance of filtering in rectified electricity
  • Describe how one can add filters to a rectified waveform
  • Explain what a half-wave rectifier and a full-wave rectifier are
  • Define bridge rectifier
  • Make a diode rectifier for single-phase AC
  • Make a diode rectifier for three-phase AC
  • Construct a power supply with filtered and regulated output
  • Define various types of filters
  • Define and use low pass filters, band pass filters, high pass filters, and band reject filters

New terms: Attenuation, ...

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