20Power Converters

OBJECTIVES: After studying this chapter, you will be able to

  • Describe what an inverter is
  • Make a single-phase square-wave inverter
  • Understand a three-phase inverter
  • Define terms such as firing angle and freewheel diode and their purposes
  • Describe how output of a rectifier is controlled
  • Describe how output of an inverter is controlled
  • Explain what a power converter is
  • Describe the structure of a thyristor-based converter
  • Explain how a converter can be used as a rectifier or as an inverter
  • Define pulse width modulation
  • Define what pulse width modulation can be used for
  • Understand single-phase and three-phase use of inverters based on PWM
  • Define amplitude and frequency modulation ratios

New terms: Amplitude modulation ratio, ...

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