Appendix 5Answers to Practice Problems

Chapter 1   Answers

1.1 Electricity is the transfer of energy through the motion of charge-carrying electrons.
1.2 False; subatomic particles are smaller than atoms.
1.3 10−12 meters in diameter
1.4 Electrons, protons, and neutrons
1.5 13
1.6 Half
1.7 Coulomb’s law
1.8 Ionized
1.9 The coulomb
1.10 6.241506 × 1018
1.11 (a) Positive; (b) 1/4X coulombs
1.12 (a) 4Y newtons; (b) 16Y newtons
1.13 An atom that is missing an electron from its outer orbit or shell
1.14 Near the speed of light
1.15 Because the electrons in the outer orbit of an insulator are very tightly bound to the nucleus and they are not easily freed
1.16 Tungsten
1.17 Conductivity
1.18 Because current convention ...

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