9. Electrified Locks — Overview
Chapter objectives
1. Discover Why We Use Electrified Locks
2. Learn All about the Different Types of Electrified Locks
3. Understand How Electrified Locks Work
4. Uncover Insights into Lock Power Supplies
5. Understand Electrified Lock Wiring Considerations
6. Learn How Ohm's Law Makes Lock Circuits Work — or Not
7. Understand How Wire Gauge Controls Lock Circuits
8. Learn about the Different Types of Electrified Lock Controls
9. Get to Know Types of Locks That Are Not Recommended
10. Answer Questions about Electrified Locks
The selection of the correct electrified locks is critical to the success of every project. Where improper locks are used, the project suffers from any of the following problems:
Failure ...

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