Chapter 5

Transistor Biasing and Stabilisation Circuits

Learning Objectives

To study

  • Basic concepts of an Amplifier
  • Biasing a Transistor to act as an Amplifier
  • Various methods of Biasing BJT, FET and MOSFET devices
  • Stability of Amplifier operation

One of the important applications of BJT/FET is to function as an Amplifier. Each Amplifier stage consists of an active device BJT/FET, ‘R, L, C’ components, signal source and DC voltages. An Amplifier is considered as a four-terminal network (Fig. 5.1) with two ports (input and output ports).

  1. A signal to be amplified is applied to ‘input port’ of Amplifier and resulting output signal appears at its ‘output port’.
  2. When output signal is larger than input signal, ...

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