8Two‐Port Network and Parameters

This chapter introduces two‐port parameters such as immittance parameters, hybrid parameters, and transmission (ABCD) parameters, and scattering parameter.

8.1 Two‐Port Parameters [Y-1]

You might feel like calling any pair of terminals in a circuit a port if only an external element can be connected between the two terminals (nodes). However, in order for a pair of terminals to be a port, it should satisfy the port condition or current requirement that the current flowing into the circuit through one terminal must equal the current flowing out of the circuit through the other terminal. In fact, for one‐port (two‐terminal) networks, we do not have to bother about the port condition since Kirchhoff's current law (KCL) does not allow the port condition to be violated for any pair of terminals. This is no longer true for two‐port networks.

Figure 8.1 A two‐port network.

A circuit ...

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