Chapter 10

Considering Security and Privacy

In This Chapter

Understanding HIPAA and HITECH

Getting an organizational security buy-in

Adding security to your EHR

Sharing information with your patients securely

The world is getting smaller in terms of information and who can access it. The advent of social networking sites, microblogs, and personal Web sites has increased everyone’s visibility — even if they don’t prefer the raised awareness. These days, it’s no wonder that everyone is a little jittery about the security of their personal information, particularly their personal health record information.

Your clinic’s new EHR may offer multiple points of access to patients’ private health information (PHI), but that doesn’t mean that every Joe with an Internet connection can surf your virtual file cabinet. Enter you, the EHR champion. One of your duties is to make sure that your EHR is secure, private, and accessible by only trusted stakeholders who provide care to your patients. Consider yourself the bouncer of this party — if someone misuses the EHR or gains unauthorized access to patient information, they’re outta here! You also need to reassure patients and colleagues who have valid concerns about privacy and security.

Security and privacy add to the overall value of your EHR by increasing cost effectiveness, maintaining system reliability, and securing your reputation as a trusted champion for quality and security. In this chapter, you find out how you can make your EHR the ...

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