Chapter 4

Staying Safe

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding the risks of electric shock

arrow Protecting yourself from the perils of stray electricity

arrow Safeguarding your gear from static electricity

The possibility of electric shock is always present whenever you work with electricity, but don’t forget the other potential dangers as well. If you’re not careful, you can start a fire or otherwise injure yourself or other people.

In this chapter we explain how to keep yourself safe while experimenting with electronics. We discuss the different dangers that electricity poses to you and to your equipment. Please read and heed every piece of advice we give.

Facing the Shocking Truth about Electrical Dangers

warning_bomb.eps The simple fact is that an electric shock, if strong enough, can kill you. So whenever you work with electricity, ensure that you take every precaution you can to avoid being the recipient of a shock strong enough to do you damage.

Thousands of people die every year from accidental electrocutions. Many of those accidents are industrial or weather-related, in which people come into contact with downed ...

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