Chapter 1

Introducing Raspberry Pi


Bullet Finding out what a Raspberry Pi is

Bullet Looking at various Raspberry Pi versions

Bullet Connecting all the parts to make your Raspberry Pi work

Bullet Installing the Raspberry Pi OS operating system

Bullet Getting used to Raspberry Pi OS

Bullet Writing your first Python program

In Book 6, you learn how to work with Arduino microprocessors, one of the most popular microprocessors available. In this minibook, you learn how to work with Raspberry Pi, a popular alternative to Arduino.

Physically, a Raspberry Pi resembles an Arduino. However, the Raspberry Pi is much more than a microcontroller; it is a full-blown computer system, implemented on a single small card. In fact, a Raspberry Pi has most of the features commonly found on a desktop or laptop computer. Yet besides its small size, a Raspberry Pi has other features not commonly found on a desktop, such as the ability ...

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