Chapter 9

Setting Up Shop and Ensuring Your Safety

In This Chapter

arrow Designing a workspace that works for you

arrow Stockpiling tools and other supplies

arrow Creating a starter kit of electronics components

arrow Realizing that Ohm’s Law also applies to the human body

arrow Avoiding electrocution

arrow Keeping your components from turning into lumps of coal

Finding out about amazing resistors, transistors, and other electronic components is great, but if all you ever do all day is sketch out circuit diagrams and dream about how your cool circuit will manipulate electron flow, you’ll never make anything buzz, beep, or move. You need to start tinkering with real components, adding a little power, and watching your circuits perform. But before you go running out to your local electronics supply house, take time to prepare for this circuit-building stage of your life.

In this chapter, we give you guidelines for setting ...

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