Task Management Applications and How to Use Them

Technique #7: Standardize on One Electronic Task-Management System

In the previous chapter, I talked about why it is so important to create an effective action item system for your tasks. This chapter explores a few of the many applications available for doing so. (Note: I am not being compensated to discuss these applications; they are simply the ones that seem to be the most widely used.) Some are designed as a piece of software; others are Cloud- or Internet-based and can also sync to your computer. There are also a couple of options for those who prefer to use paper.

Applications—Computer and Cloud-Based


TeuxDeux is a free Internet application you can access from any computer. There is an iPhone app available for purchase that allows you to use TeuxDeux when you’re out of the office; conversely, you can use the browser on your phone to access your TeuxDeux account. To use TeuxDeux’s words, this tool was built as a bare-bones application. You’ll find that this tool is easy to use and doesn’t require much of a learning curve. It displays a five-day view with a list of tasks for each day. While there is no option to number your tasks in order of priority, you can drag and drop tasks in the order you wish to complete them. Additionally, if something doesn’t get done on a given day, just drag it forward to a future date.

For those who follow David Allen’s GTD® methodology, this application has a Someday section at the ...

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