1. Email Is Easy

With the kinds of software and tools available today, it is easy for any organization to develop effective email programs to help build relationships. The best part? The tools are so intuitive, there’s no need for technical geniuses. Earlier, we discussed the obstacle and execution pain that typically stands in the way of great marketing. Take traditional marketing, for example. It’s slow (there’s a reason it’s called snail mail). You have to involve all kinds of people, like the printers, post office, IT people, and others. You have to wait... and wait... and wait... before seeing any tangible results.

Email eliminates the extra steps and middlemen who don’t add a lot of value and create friction by slowing down the process. And while email marketing tools can be sophisticated, they can still be easy enough to use that marketers can handle a campaign from start to finish.

My philosophy is that if good marketing isn’t easy, it doesn’t get done. There are only so many hours in a day. Marketers, like anyone else, want to do a good job. But without the right tools, limitations arise. In the past, relevant, data-driven, relationship marketing was easy to plan but difficult to execute. Email makes it easy, without sacrificing quality of activities or campaigns.

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