A.5 Exercises

1. Install C, create the HelloWorld.c program, and compile and run it.

2. Explain what a pointer variable is, and how it is different from a non-pointer variable.

3. Explain the difference between interpreted and compiled code.

4. Write the following hexadecimal (base-16) numbers in eight-digit binary (base-2) and three-digit decimal (base-10). Also, for each of the eight-digit binary representations, give the value of the most significant bit. (a) 0x1E. (b) 0x32. (c) 0xFE. (d) 0xC4.

5. What is 33310 in binary and 10111101112 in hexadecimal? What is the maximum value, in decimal, that a 12-bit number can hold?

6. Assume that each byte of memory can be addressed by a 16-bit address, and every 16-bit address has a corresponding byte ...

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