Understanding file searching paths

When a file (a patch or a generic file) is included in SRC_URI, BitBake searches for FILESPATH and FILESEXTRAPTH variables. The default setting is to look in the following locations:

  • <recipe>-<version>/
  • <recipe>/
  • files/

As well as this, it also checks for a OVERRIDES for a specific files to be overrided in each folder. To illustrate this, consider a recipe, foo_1.0.bb, and the variable OVERRIDES = "<board>:<arch>" the file will be searched in the following directories, respecting the exact order, shown:

  • foo-1.0/<board>/
  • foo-1.0/<arch>/
  • foo-1.0/
  • foo/<board>/
  • foo/<arch>/
  • foo/
  • files/<board>/
  • files/<arch>/
  • files/

This is just illustrative as the list of OVERRIDES is huge and machine-specific. When we work ...

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