Developing GTK+ applications

This recipe will show how to build, run, and debug a graphical GTK+ application using the Eclipse IDE.

Getting ready

  1. Add the eclipse-debug feature to your project's conf/local.conf file as follows:
    EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES += "eclipse-debug"
  2. Build a core-image-sato target image as follows:
    $ cd /opt/yocto/fsl-community-bsp/
    $ source setup-environment wandboard-quad
    $ bitbake core-image-sato
  3. Build a core-image-sato toolchain as follows:
    $ bitbake -c populate_sdk core-image-sato
  4. Install the toolchain as follows:
    $ cd tmp/deploy/sdk
    $ ./poky-glibc-x86_64-core-image-sato-cortexa9hf-vfp-neon-

Before launching the Eclipse IDE, we can check whether we are able to build and launch a GTK application manually. We ...

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