Project Trailblazer USB Hardware

Based on driver functionality, component availability, and cost, the engineers selected the following USB devices for Project Trailblazer:

  • Yamaha YST-MS35D USB speakers5

  • Kensington VideoCAM Super-VGA PC camera, model 670166

  • SanDisk USB SmartMedia card reader7

One additional product that caught the engineers' attention was the JVC RK-8010VBK AV receiver, with a USB input and five 100-watt output channels.8 This could be a solution for powering audio at the Silverjack AirPark. The engineers couldn't determine the device's USB specifics from online information, but they assumed that this receiver adheres to the USB Audio Class specification.9 Therefore, this chapter focuses on using the Yamaha YST-MS35D USB speakers ...

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