In this digital Internet age, information can be received, processed, stored, and transmitted in a fast, reliable, and efficient manner. This advancement is made possible by the latest fast, low-cost, and power-efficient embedded signal processors. Embedded signal processing is widely used in most digital devices and systems and has grown into a “must-have” category in embedded applications. There are many important topics related to embedded signal processing and control, and it is impossible to cover all of these subjects in a one- or two-semester course. However, the Internet is now becoming an effective platform in searching for new information, and this ubiquitous tool is enriching and speeding up the learning process in engineering education. Unfortunately, students have to cope with the problem of information overflow and be wise in extracting the right amount of material at the right time.

This book introduces just-in-time and just-enough information on embedded signal processing using the embedded processors based on the micro signal architecture (MSA). In particular, we examine the MSA-based processors called Blackfin processors from Analog Devices (ADI). We extract relevant and sufficient information from many resources, such as textbooks, electronic books, the ADI website, signal processing-related websites, and many journals and magazine articles related to these topics. The just-in-time organization of these selective topics provides a unique experience in ...

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