Abstraction, system design, 123–125
Adder floating point adder example, 169
Verilog examples
1-bit full adder, 69
2-bit full adder, 70–71
VHDL examples
1-bit full adder, 60–61
2-bit full adder, 61–63
Address space
Linux kernel addition in partitioning, 236–238
platform field-programmable gate array, 144
Advanced configuration environment (ACE) file, Xilinx, 39–40
Advanced encryption standard (AES), profiling, 230–231
Advanced technology attachment (ATA) bus, 165
Affected state, partitioning, 218–219
Amdahl’s law, 200
AND gate, 45, 47, 74
Asynchronous design, Kahn Process Network, 298
Aurora, ...

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