Book description

Traditional hierarchical structures are falling – is your organisation ready?

Emergent provides a handbook for navigating – and thriving in – the new cultural paradigm. More than a simple DIY for change, this book empowers organisations to diagnose change risk, address current shortcomings and adapt to the increasing current away from hierarchies to autonomous and interdependent networks. Unguided, most fail in their attempt; this shift exposes huge skills deficits, a lack of engagement, lack of value and meaning, market reach, penetration and more. Here, a twenty-year veteran of brand and culture transformation outlines a unique governance framework and blueprint for implementing and co-creating your own cultural shift. Methodologies from crowdsourcing and social movements are adopted as tools for initiating change and creating cultural cohesion around a higher purpose, and essential skills and tools help equip organisations and individuals for the emergent future.

Today's workplace demands are creating extraordinary challenges for organisations; power is shifting, and the spotlight has forced businesses to engage with stakeholders in more meaningful ways, and to acknowledge a need for radical ‘humanization' of the workplace. To drive successful change you need to spark a movement. This book provides a way forward through the transition, with expert guidance and a clear, actionable framework for implementation.

  • Adopt a unique governance framework for culture transformation
  • Energise, mobilise and catalyse change, innovation and growth
  • Address skills deficits, values misalignment, failed engagement and more
  • Ignite your organisation's purpose and forge sustainability for the future

The demand for greater values alignment, autonomy and individual empowerment – fuelled by technology and increasing interdependencies – is bringing down the traditional power structure. The question is: what moves into its place? A strong organisational culture is the difference between surviving and thriving in the marketplace. Emergent provides a practical blueprint for transformation to help your organisation navigate the shift successfully.

Table of contents

  1. About the author
  2. Gratitudes
  3. Foreword
  4. Introduction
    1. Moving from ‘seek and destroy’ to co-creation
  5. Part I: Innovation
    1. Chapter 1: Challenging the fear and fatigue of change
      1. Changing capitalism
      2. Committing to change and community
    2. Chapter 2: Navigating workplace complexity
      1. Social capital and community
      2. The connection crisis
      3. Your leadership imperative
      4. Moving from toxic to Emergent
      5. The romance of movements
    3. Chapter 3: Naked and extraordinary
      1. Stripping away pretence and persuasion
      2. An interdependent model
      3. Embrace uncertainty
  6. Part II: Transformation
    1. Chapter 4: From institutional to collective power
      1. Old power versus new power
      2. See it, feel it, believe it
      3. Challenging organisational stereotypes
    2. Chapter 5: Corporate social responsibility is dead
      1. Philanthropy in crisis
      2. Give and you will receive
      3. Creating a framework for advocacy and support
    3. Chapter 6: Conscious leadership and culture
      1. The dampening field of consumption
      2. The conscious leadership paradigm
      3. Finding a higher-purpose strategy
      4. Empathic understanding
  7. Part III: Evolution
    1. Chapter 7: A culture for engagement
      1. The X-factor
      2. The Culture Quadrant
      3. Cultural resonance
      4. OurSay.org
    2. Chapter 8: Co-creation: Test. Fail. Learn. Adapt.
      1. A powerful engine for innovation
      2. A business imperative
      3. Embracing co-creation
      4. Blood, beer, sweat and tears
      5. Free the love
      6. Celebrate failure
      7. The ‘magic 4’ of innovation
      8. The Synergy of Huddle
    3. Chapter 9: The sacred geometry of higher purpose
      1. Embracing complexity and chaos
      2. Dynamic system soufflé
      3. The CATALYST Engagement System in action
  8. Conclusion ... or is it really the beginning?
  9. Appendix
    1. Engagement Toolbox
  10. Index
  11. EULA

Product information

  • Title: Emergent
  • Author(s): Stephen Scott Johnson
  • Release date: August 2017
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9780730336815