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Emerging and Frontier Markets

Book Description

Goncalves and Alves’ work is a very interesting and promising book for the development themes of emerging markets. The style and quality of the material is worthy of respect, providing a clear analysis of the internation-al markets and global development of various economic and commercial relations and trading routes. —Yurii Pozniak, International Management Consultant at Ukroboronservis, Kiev, Ukraine. Emerging and Frontier Markets: The New Frontline for Global Trade brings together a collection of insights and a new outlook of the dynamics happening between the emerging and the advanced markets. The book pro-vides also an excellent, easy to read and straight-to-the point economic and political description of the MENA, BRICS, ASEAN, and CIVETS markets. A description that should interest every person willing to invest, work or just acquire a deep understanding of the emerging markets economic and political conditions. —Réda Massoudi, BU Director Management and Transformation Consulting, LMS Organization & Human Resources. Casa-blanca, Morocco.