Chapter 10

Advances in Self-Security of Agent-Based Intrusion Detection Systems

Falkner Moraes, Zair Abdelouahab, Denivaldo Lopes, Emerson Oliveira, Cenidalva Teixeira, Sofiane Labidi and Ariel Teles,    Federal University of Maranhão, São Luís, MA, Brazil

Lack of security is a constant concern in open distributed systems. Because of this problem, many tools for evaluating vulnerabilities of networks, as well as for their protection, are being developed and largely deployed; for example, techniques for encryption, antivirus, firewall, and IDSs (Intrusion Detection Systems). Among these, there are IDSs that are increasingly conceived, designed, and implemented. Currently, IDSs are created using software agents. Although IDSs can provide intrusion ...

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