Chapter 3

Engagement Gauges: Finding Your Employee Engagement Baseline

In This Chapter

arrow Implementing employee engagement surveys

arrow Conducting exit interviews

arrow Asking the right questions at stay interviews

arrow Using other key engagement barometers

You've probably heard the saying “That which is measured improves.” Although its origin is ambiguous, its meaning couldn't be more clear: If you want something to be better in the future, you need cold, hard data on how it is now. The same holds true for employee engagement. If you're looking for a more engaged workforce down the road, the first step is to find out just how engaged your employees are in the here and now.

Perhaps the most obvious way to determine the level of your employees’ engagement is to simply ask them. No, I'm not suggesting that you corner the next employee you see and inquire, “Hey! How engaged are you?” Instead, you'll want to use tools such as surveys and interviews to ask more specific questions, like the following:

  • Would you recommend this as a good place to work?
  • Do you have the tools to effectively do your job? ...

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