Chapter 1010× your output

In three years, I built a seven-figure business that has worked with a formidable line-up of large companies, including some of the world’s corporate heavyweights, in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Paris, London, Amsterdam, New York, Washington DC and Lincoln, Nebraska! Our children’s entrepreneurship program, Lemonade Stand, has been delivered to more than 1000 kids across Australia and Singapore, and we released the online version in late 2018.

I have self-published two books, one of which topped the Amazon charts in a number of categories, such as technology and startups, then secured a book deal with Wiley for this, my third book. I’ve written more than 250 blog posts. I’ve launched and hosted an award-winning podcast, which is now more than 300 episodes strong.

I’ve also delivered more than 50 keynote presentations to audiences of between 50 and 400 people, and mentored more than 50 startups.

I’m often asked, ‘How do you manage to get so much done?’ I credit my output to:

  • having purpose and a worthwhile mission at the centre of everything I do
  • my awesome team
  • automating as many repeatable tasks as possible
  • delegating and outsourcing repeatable tasks that can’t be automated
  • using the 80/20 principle
  • applying agile task management tools
  • creating a distraction-free environment
  • knowing how to get myself into flow, or ‘the zone’
  • subscribing to philosophies that help me stay focused
  • meditation and mindfulness practices
  • an awareness and appreciation ...

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