Chapter 11Power up!

When I started working out in my early twenties, let’s be real, it was so the opposite sex would be more receptive to my advances (then at music festivals and nightspots). But today it’s mostly to maintain a reliable foundation that keeps me at the top of my game, not only physically but mentally and emotionally. People sometimes ask me, ‘Do you do any exercises for your brain?’ The best brain exercises are essentially no different from the physical ones. Physical exercise changes your brain chemistry for the better, aiding memory, recall and critical thinking, and delaying the onset of the cognitive decline that comes with ageing.

You can increase your productivity and output by an order of magnitude by investing just a little time in your health and fitness, which, paradoxically, will give you more time for other things, because you will be more focused and effective at what you do. I rarely work more than 50 hours a week and sometimes work less than 40, a far cry from the 80-hour weeks often associated with entrepreneurship.

Far too many people insist that they don’t have time for exercise or self-care. I say they don’t have time not to invest in themselves. Exercise, sleep and eat well, and you will not only be more productive and effective, moving you closer to your goals, but you will live a richer, more rewarding life. It will make you a better friend, lover and family member, and quite simply a better person.

Rock that body

So what do the experts say ...

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