Chapter 17

Gauging Your Immediate Impact on Audience Engagement and Hiring


check Measuring the short-term impact of your recruitment advertising

check Gauging the success of your social media efforts

check Evaluating the effectiveness of your career site’s content

check Determining how well you’re doing in promoting employee referrals

check Rating the overall short-term success of your recruitment marketing efforts

All employer branding efforts have a short-term and a longer-term impact. You can measure the short-term impact according to how effective your recruitment marketing efforts are in attracting suitable candidates to the vacancies you need to fill. The longer-term impact has more to do with employer brand reputation and how existing employees feel about the employment experience.

In this chapter, we focus on the short-term impact of recruitment marketing activities. Gauging the ultimate success of these activities involves calculating your return on investment (ROI); it involves measuring ...

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