Chapter 19

Ten Success Factors to Embrace


check Rallying support across your organization

check Meeting your company’s talent needs and the needs of your talent

check Making the case for why your company is a great place to work

check Building an employer brand presence on social media

check Keeping tabs on your employer branding progress

When you set out to build a strong employer brand, you may feel overwhelmed by everything it involves. Here, we make employer branding more manageable by providing you with a list of ten key success factors. These ten factors serve as a framework for the more detailed activities you’ll be conducting. Structure your activities around this framework, and everything else should fall neatly in place.

Getting Your Leadership Team’s Buy-In

Effective employer branding starts at the top. The executive team needs to be onboard to communicate in words and actions that delivering a positive employment experience and building a strong employer brand reputation are critically ...

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