6.4. MDS

MDS gives users the ability to obtain vital information about the grid and grid resources. It utilizes LDAP to execute queries. Users can retrieve this information by using the grid-info-search command line tool. The JavaCog Kit Version 1.1a provides a Java version of grid-info-search that does not use MDS. Because the MDS class itself is deprecated, users should use JNDI with LDAP or the Netscape Directory SDK to access MDS functions with the JavaCog.

6.4.1. Example of accessing MDS

Example 6-8 is a condensed version of the GridInfoSearch class provided in the org.globus.tools package for the JavaCog Kit Version 1.1a. The MyGridInfoSearch class uses GSI authentication. It uses JNDI to connect to the LDAP server and searches for the ...

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