6.6. GridFTP

The JavaCoG Kit provides the org.globus.ftp package to perform FTP and GridFTP operations. It is basically an implementation of the FTP and GridFTP protocol.

The FTP client provides the following functionality:

  • Client/server FTP file transfer

  • Third-party file transfer

  • Passive and active operation modes

  • ASCII/IMAGE data types

  • Stream transmission mode

The GridFTP client extends the FTP client by providing the following additional capabilities:

  • Extended block mode

  • Parallel transfers

  • Striped transfers

  • Restart markers

  • Performance markers


The following packages are available to be used with the Java CoG:

  • org.globus.ftp (classes for direct use)

  • org.globus.ftp.vanilla (Vanilla FTP protocol)

  • org.globus.ftp.extended (GridFTP protocol)

  • org.globus.ftp.dc ...

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