6.7. GASS

The GASS API can be used to send or retrieve data, files, or application output. When, for example, submitting a job in batch mode, the result of the job can be picked up using the GASS API or any standard binary tool provided by the Globus Toolkit. When using interactive job submission, the GASS API can be used to retrieve the output of an application by redirecting standard out and standard error to the client.

These two examples will show how to submit a job and retrieve the results:

  • GASS Batch

  • GASS Interactive

6.7.1. Batch GASS example

The following examples are of batch GASS.

Example 6-30. Batch GASS example (1 of 4)
 import org.globus.gram.Gram; import org.globus.gram.GramJob; import org.globus.gram.GramJobListener; import org.globus.io.gass.server.GassServer; ...

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