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ACS Access control system
ADK Archive Development Kit
AIX Advanced Interactive
eXecutive from IBM
API Application Programming
AQR Automatic query rewrite
AR Access register
ARM Automatic restart manager
ART Access register translation
ASCII American Standard Code for
Information Interchange
AST Application summary table
BLOB Binary large object
CalWIN CalWORKs Information
CalWorks California Welfare
Opportunities for Kids
CCMS Computing Center
Management System
CFG Configuration
CFS Children and Family Services
CIS County Information Server
CLI Call Level Interface
CLOB Character large object
CLP Command-line processor
CPU Central processing unit
CS Cursor stability
DAS DB2 Administration Server
DB Database
DB2 Database 2
DB2 UDB IBM DB2 Universal
DBA Database administrator
Abbreviations and acronyms
DBM Database manager
DBMS DataBase Management
DCE Distributed Computing
DCM Dynamic Coserver
DCOM Distributed Component
Object Model
DDL Data Definition Language, a
SQL statement that creates or
modifies the structure of a
table or database (for
example, CREATE TABLE,
DES Data Encryption Standard
DIMID Dimension Identifier
DLL Dynamically Linked Library
DML Data Manipulation Language,
DMS Database Managed Space
DPF Data Partitioning Facility
DSN Data source name
DSS Decision Support System
EAI Enterprise Application
EBCDIC Extended Binary Coded
Decimal Interchange Code
EDA Enterprise Data Architecture
EDU Engine dispatchable unit
EDW Enterprise Data Warehouse
EGM Enterprise Gateway Manager
EJB Enterprise Java Beans
158 Enabling Smarter Government with Analytics to Streamline Social Services
ER Enterprise Replication
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning
ESE Enterprise Server Edition
ETL Extract, Transform, and Load
ETTL Extract, Transform/Transport,
and Load
FP Fix pack
FTP File Transfer Protocol
Gb Giga bits
GB Giga bytes
GUI Graphical user interface
HADR High Availability Disaster
HDR High availability data
HPL High Performance Loader
I/O Input/output
IBM International Business
Machines Corporation
IBM DRDA® IBM Distributed Relational
Database Architecture™
ID Identifier
IDE Integrated Development
II Information Integrator
ISAM Indexed Sequential Access
ISV Independent software vendor
IT Information Technology
ITR Internal throughput rate
ITSO International Technical
Support Organization
IX Index
J2EE Java 2 Platform Enterprise
JAR Java Archive
JDBC Java DataBase Connectivity
JDK Java Development Kit
JE Java Edition
JMS Java Message Service
JRE Java Runtime Environment
JVM Java Virtual Machine
KB Kilobyte (1024 bytes)
LDAP Lightweight Directory Access
LPAR Logical partition
LV Logical volume
Mb Mega bits
MB Mega bytes
MDC Multidimensional clustering
MPP Massively parallel processing
MQI Message queuing interface
MQT Materialized query table
MR Management reporting
MRM Message Repository Manager
NPI Non-Partitioning Index
O/S Operating system
ODBC Open Database Connectivity
ODS Operational data store
OLAP OnLine Analytical Processing
OLE Object linking and embedding
OLTP Online transaction processing
ORDBMS Object Relational DataBase
Management System
OS Operating system
PDS Partitioned data set
POC Proof of concept
PSA Persistent staging area
RBA Relative byte address
RDBMS Relational Database
Management System
RID Record identifier
RR Repeatable read
RS Read stability
Abbreviations and acronyms 159
SCB Session control block
SDK Software Developers Kit
SID Surrogage Identifier
SMIT Systems Management
Interface Tool
SMP Symmetric MultiProcessing
SMS System Managed Space
SOA Service-oriented architecture
SOAP Simple Object Access
SPL Stored Procedure Language
SQL Structured query
SSA Social Services Agency
SSIRS Social Services Integrated
Reporting System
TANF Temporary Assistance for
Needy Families (the Federal
version of CalWorks)
TCB Thread control block
TMU Table Management Utility
TS Tablespace
UDF User-defined function
UDR User-defined routine
URL Uniform Resource Locator
VG Volume group (Raid disk
VLDB Very large database
VP Virtual processor
VSAM Virtual Sequential Access
VTI Virtual Table Interface
WSDL Web Services Definition
WWW World wide web
XBSA X-Open Backup and Restore
XML EXtensible Markup Language
160 Enabling Smarter Government with Analytics to Streamline Social Services

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