Chapter 58. Emerging Web Technologies

Murugan An and arajan,[203] Bay Arinze,[204] Chittibabu Govindarajulu,[205] and Maliha Zaman[206]


The Internet has radically transformed the way millions of people work and play, as well as all types of industries across the board. The World Wide Web (or simply the Web), is a graphical HTML-based user interface that over a billion users worldwide now use and provides the Internet user access to a multitude of applications and services.

Evolving from a rudimentary network with military origins and used by a small number of scientists to transfer files between different destinations, most businesses now depend critically on the Internet and the Web to execute transactions, perform general business processes, exchange information, and connect with customers and other business partners.

Evolution of Web technologies

The Web is a network of interlinked nodes (HTML documents linked by hypertext) and is itself built upon the technologies and protocols of the Internet (routers, DNS, TCP/IP, etc.) which form a telecommunications network. There are over a billion people online and as these technologies mature and grow in size and scale, the implications of working with these kinds of networks are beginning to be explored in detail. understanding the topology of the Web and the Internet, its shape, and interconnectedness is therefore increasingly important.

Over the last two decades, the Web has evolved significantly, its stages being referred to ...

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