JacobsDorr An alternative name for the *Dorr-Oliver process for making phosphoric acid, adopted
after the technology was acquired by the Jacobs Company in 1974. Twenty-seven plants were operating
in 1989.
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Dekker, New York, 1990, 35, 455.
James An early process for making mixed oxygenated organic compounds by the catalytic oxidation of petro-
leum fractions. The products were aldehydes, alcohols, and carboxylic acids. Developed by J.H. James at the
Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh, PA.
James, J.H., Chem. Metall. Eng., 1922, 26(5), 209.
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Jarosite [Named after the mineral; rst recognized at Jarosa, Spain] A process for removing iron from the
leach liquors from hydrometallurgical operations. First used in 1964 in processing zinc sulfate liquors at
Asturiana de Zinc, Spain. Also used for recovering zinc from the residues from the electrolytic zinc process.
See also Goethite, Hematite.
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Jenkins An early liquid-phase thermal cracking process. See also Dubbs.
Jet Smelting See DR.
JGCC [Japan Gas-Chemical Company] See MGCC.
Jindal A direct-reduction ironmaking process using coal as the reductant. Two plants were operating in India
in 1997, and two more were under construction. See DR.
Jones A regenerative process for making carbon black by pyrolyzing petroleum fractions. The gaseous
coproduct can be added to town gas.
British Petroleum Co., Gas Making and Natural Gas, British Petroleum Co., London, 1972, 66.
Joosten Also known as the two-shot system. A chemical grouting system for solidifying permeable sandy
masses and masonry composed of sandy materials. Successive injections of sodium silicate and calcium
chloride solutions are made through a pipe, which terminates in the ground to be hardened. Calcium silicate
precipitates and binds the soil particles together. Invented by H. Joosten in 1928. See also Siroc.
U.S. Patent 1,827,238.
British Patent 322,182.
JPL Chlorinolysis
JPL Chlorinolysis [Jet Propulsion Laboratory] A process for desulfurizing coal by oxidation with chlorine.
The sulfur becomes converted to sulfur monochloride, S
. Developed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of
the California Institute of Technology from 1976 to 1981.
IEA Coal Research, The Problems of Sulphur, Butterworths, London, U.K., 1989, 30.
Juratka A process for forming a protective oxide lm on aluminum. See also Alzac, metal surface treatment.

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