Customer Premises Equipment

Cisco CPE includes the SOHO series of DSL routers and the 820 series of business-class routers.

Cisco SOHO 70 Series (SOHO Series)

The Cisco SOHO series of DSL routers is also called the 70 series. Although you should always consult the current Cisco documentation to verify each model's characteristics, the SOHO series generally includes these parameters:

  • Alcatel discrete multitone (DMT) chipset for industry interoperability

  • Web-based installation

  • xDSL loop analysis, providing remotely-gathered information to analyze the following:

    - Line quality and data transfer rates

    - Train speeds for upstream and downstream

    - Bit error rate

    - Margin

    - Chipset status

    - Bits per frequency bin

  • Centralized administration and management:

    - Simple ...

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