Chapter 10. Historical reporting 405
Figure 10-21 Source ETL scheduled processes to Production status
As demonstrated in Figure 10-21, it is possible to select multiple processes and
set the desired mode for all of them at the same time.
Now all the process are ready and scheduled to be run in production mode.
When the data collection and ETL1 and ETL2 processes are executed, historical
data from IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Transaction Performance is available to
TMTP Version 5.2 data mart, and you will be ready to generate reports, as
described in 10.3.2, “Sample TMTP Version 5.2 reports with data mart” on
page 408.
10.2 Creating historical reports directly from TMTP
TMTP Version 5.2 General Reports, such as Overall Transaction Over Time,
Availability, and Transaction with Subtransaction, can be used for viewing a
transaction report over a short period of time, but are not recommended for
reporting over longer periods.
To see a general report of every Trade or Pet Store listening policy and playback
policy, navigate to the General Reports, and select the specific type of your
interest. Change the settings to view data related to the specific policy and time
period of your choice. An example of a Transaction With Subtransaction report is
shown in Figure 10-22 on page 406.

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