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ListView DblClick, "ObjectIndex=1;\;ItemText=Internet Explorer",
Window SetContext, "Caption=IBM Intranet - Microsoft Internet Explorer", ""
ComboEditBox Click, "ObjectIndex=2", "Coords=61,5"
InputKeys "{ENTER}"
InputKeys "root{TAB}^+{LEFT}"
' use the un-encrypted password retrieved from the encrypted file.
InputKeys strPasswd
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PopupMenuSelect "Close"
End Sub
Rational Robot screen locking solution
Some users of TMTP have expressed a desire to be able to lock the screen while
the Rational Robot is playing. The best and most secure solution to this problem
is to lock the endpoint running simulations in a secure cabinet. There is no easy
alternative solution, as the Rational Robot requires access to the screen context
while it is playing back. During the writing of this redbook, we attempted a
number of mechanisms to achieve this result, including use of Windows XP
Switch User functionality, without success. The following Terminal Server
solution implemented at one IBM customer site was suggested to us. We were
unable to verify it ourselves, but we considered it useful information to provide as
a potential solution to this problem.
This solution relies on the use of Windows Terminal Server, which is shipped
with the Windows 2000 Server. When a user runs an application on Terminal
Server, the application execution takes place on the server, and only the
keyboard, mouse, and display information is transmitted over the network. This
solution relies on running a Terminal Server Session back to the same machine
and running the Rational Robot within the Terminal Server session. This allows
the screen to be locked and the simulation to continue running.
1. Ensure that the Windows Terminal Server component is installed. If it is not, it
can be obtained from the Windows 2000 Server installation CD from the Add
On components dialog box (see Figure B-20 on page 469).
Appendix B. Using Rational Robot in the Tivoli Management Agent environment 469
Figure B-20 Terminal Server Add-On Component
As the Terminal Server session will be back on the local machine, there is no
reason to install the Terminal Server Licensing feature. Due to this fact, you
should also select the Remote Administration mode option during Terminal
Server install.
After the Terminal Server component is installed, you will need to reboot your
2. Install the Terminal Server client on the local machine. The Terminal Server
install provides a facility to create client installation diskettes. This same
source can be used to install the Terminal Server client locally (Figure B-21
on page 470) by running the setup.exe (the path to this setup.exe is, by
default, c:\winnt\system32\clients\tsclient\win32\disks\disk1).
470 End-to-End e-business Transaction Management Made Easy
Figure B-21 Setup for Terminal Server client
3. Once you have installed the client, you may start a client session from the
appropriate menu option. You will be presented with the dialog shown in
Figure B-22 on page 471. From this dialog, you should select the local
machine as the server you wish to connect to.
Appendix B. Using Rational Robot in the Tivoli Management Agent environment 471
Figure B-22 Terminal Client Connection Dialog
4. Once you have connected, you will be presented with a standard Windows
2000 logon screen for the local machine within your client session. Log on as
5. Now you can run your Rational Robot scripts using whichever method you
would normally do this, with the exception of via GenWin. You may now lock
the host screen and the Rational Robot will continue to run in the client
Note: It is useful to set the resolution to one lower than that used by the
workstation you are connecting from. This allows the full Terminal Client
session to be seen from the workstation screen.
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